Video Recording, On-Site, Live Events....

Production is the term which refers to the actual shooting of the video.

By the time you reach the production stage, you will already have received a schedule for the day so you'll know what is going to happen and when.

Each member of our full-time production team is focused on their area of expertise, having worked together for years as a well rehearsed crew. This means you get the very best results on camera.

All shoots include:

- A Director

- A Camera operator

- Sound technician

- HD Cameras and accessories

- Sound gear

- Lighting equipment

- Optional specialist equipment e.g. Jibs, Helicopters...

- Basic media training on location



Pre-Production, Production and Post- Production Services, NAICS 512110, 512191, 512199, 541611, 541613, 541690, 541890, 561990, 711510

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