Editing, Motion Graphics, Grading, Audio Mixing....

Post production is the term which covers the whole editing process. At this point we collate all the footage, select the best takes and put them in the right order. Then things get really creative! The process:

Rough edit – this is the first assembly of the video. We select the best takes and order the shots following the agreed script and storyboard.

- Add music tracks

- Audio Mix = balancing any audio

- Send across graphics concepts for approval (if required)

- Drop in logos and add some example name titles

- Add a guide track voice over (if required)

- Send a version to you for review

Final edit - this version takes into account all your amends. The final steps are:

- Professional Voice over added (if required)

- All graphics and any animations tightened

- Color grade the video (a technique used in Feature Films)

Final review - this is the final pass, to make sure everything has been done before delivery.



Pre-Production, Production and Post- Production Services, NAICS 512110, 512191, 512199, 541611, 541613, 541690, 541890, 561990, 711510

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