Video Production Rates

Rates are based on your program or video's requirements and equipment needs. Length of production influences production budget.

Here are a few things to consider to begin your video project:

1. Describe the type of video and be more specific as you can, for example, commercial video, music video, product video, Kickstarter video, music video, documentary video, event video or other.

2. Set the video duration. For the commercial video, the common length is 15 sec, 30 sec, 90 sec or 3 mins.

3. Describe the idea if you have or if you need assistance brainstorming.

4. The Purpose of the video - raise funds, promote the brand, personality or song, build trust/awareness etc.

5. Set the deadlines if it's urgent.

6. Set the video budget limits. It's a very important point, cause we might offer you a better solution based on your abilities.

**We will be happy to answer all types of inquiries, our team is ready to provide you with promotional, event, commercial, and music video production rates that will fit your budget and meet your expectations.

To request a video questionnaire, email: info@cfproductions.us