DVD, YouTube, USB....

Delivering a project is just as important as any other part of the production process.

During our initial discovery meeting, we will ask you about where you want to play the video and suggest ways you can maximize your return on investment.

DVD Authoring – this is the process by which you create a DVD that will play in a DVD player. It is not the same as using a DVD as data storage as you would with a USB stick

Disc face surface printing – At CFproductions LLC we can also design and print DVD disc face surfaces and covers

Disc cases – we can provide a variety of cases, from hard amouray to simple see-through wallets.

File formats/file compressions – Creating file formats to distribute on the web or playback on your computer is the cheapest and increasingly the most common way for us to deliver your film. CFproductions LLC can provide you with a file in any format to play on any device.



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